Meet the newest members of our group!

Data-Driven EnviroLab (DDL) is thrilled to welcome six talented research assistants (RAs) who will be working closely with our full-time team on a range of projects this summer, including the updated Urban Environment & Social Inclusion Index (UESI) and the 2020 Global Climate Action Report. Our RAs will have the opportunity to flex their data science muscles as well as sharpen their qualitative research skills in the dynamic domain of climate science and policy. We asked them to tell us a bit about themselves and what they are looking forward to at the Lab:


“I wish to learn how to intentionally translate research, specifically the UESI platform, into engagement with stakeholders and vulnerable communities. I’m excited to break the silos between research and action.”

Hannah Melville-Rea

Hannah is a Social Connectedness Fellow jointly appointed by DDL and the Samuel Centre for Social Connectedness. She graduated from New York University Abu Dhabi, and subsequently stayed-on as a Fellow to research the sociopolitical impacts of drought in Australia. During her undergraduate studies, she led a youth climate think tank and organised environmental education workshops. Passionate about climate policy, she has trained with Al Gore in climate leadership, participated in UN climate negotiations and provided policy recommendations for the G7 as a youth delegate. This summer, Hannah will be supporting the Lab by conducting research to inform the inclusion of additional indicators in the UESI. She enjoys cycling, scuba-diving, and fostering cats.



“I’m looking forward to gaining some technical analytical skills and a first-hand perspective on climate change this summer!”

Odele Tan

Odele is an undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College who grew up in a hodgepodge of cities – expatriate industrial Chinese cities, cramped Tokyo neighbourhoods, the scorching desert metropolis of the UAE, and sunny Singapore. She is interested in the confluence of urban landscapes, environmental sustainability and the lifestyles concerning them both. She plans to major in Urban Studies and believes that data analytics is a powerful approach to the future of sustainable cities. Odele enjoys reading, running, cooking, urban farming with Yale-NUS’s sustainability group, and volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.





“To me, the environmental movement is about representing the needs of groups that are traditionally ignored in decision-making processes, human or otherwise.”

Ajay Nair

Ajay is an undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College and NUS Faculty of Law who is interested in the intersections of climate change policy, environmental law, and collective climate action. This summer, he is looking forward to learning more about DDL’s data collection and processing methods. He will also be conducting qualitative research on climate action by corporate and financial institutions. Ajay enjoys science fiction and cycling, and recommends the book Learning to Die in the Anthropocene by Roy Scranton.





“Coming from the U.S. – where we’ve seen a dramatic rollback in climate action at the level of the federal government – I’m really looking for some hope. I’m excited to explore first-hand how non-state actors could bridge the emissions gap and step in where national governments cannot or will not.”

Ian French

Ian is a third-year student at Yale-NUS majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Anthropology. A California native, he is a lifelong lover of the ocean who is passionate about marine conservation. At the same time, volunteering in his campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity has cultivated in him a strong desire to work directly with and for people. He is therefore interested in investigating how partnerships between different types of actors can foster synergies between climate action and sustainable development. Ian loves and collects maps – new, old, of places he has been, and of places on his bucket list.






“I wish to gain more insight into the complexities of applying data analysis to tackling social issues, and explore how we can maximise the potential of using quantitative evidence to enact qualitative change.”

Tan Yin Xi

Yin Xi is a rising junior at Yale-NUS College majoring in Urban Studies and minoring in Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences (MCS). She is interested in the synthesis of urban studies and data science, and is keen to explore how big data can be used to inform urban planning and design in the smart city. She loves dancing, watching animal documentaries, and keeps a pet terrapin named Turtle.






“I’m eager to develop my R and Python skills, and expand my knowledge on environmental issues, specifically the opportunities for non-state actors to mitigate climate change.”

Vasu Namdeo

Vasu is an undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College, undergoing the Double Degree Programme with Law, with an interest in Data Science and Economics. He is eager to delve into the interaction between legal systems and climate change, particularly how one can be motivated to go beyond their preconceived notions about their capabilities to effect change. He is also passionate about problem-solving from a multitude of perspectives and believes that effective data usage and analyses can bring substantial outcomes to the table. He enjoys playing Frisbee and is the captain of the College’s Badminton team.