The Data-Driven EnviroLab (DDL) is an interdisciplinary and international group of researchers, scientists, programmers, and visual designers. The DDL uses innovative data analytics to distill signals from large-scale and unconventional datasets and develop policy solutions to contemporary environmental problems. Working with scholars and policymakers across the globe, the DDL strives to strengthen environmental policy at all levels.  We promote evidence-based approaches to problem-solving while boosting information disclosure and transparency among public institutions, private companies, civic organizations, and individual citizens.

The DDL is based at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and is a joint initiative between the Department of Public Policy , the Environment, Ecology, and Energy (E3P) Program, and the Institute for Environment at UNC. As an academic research lab headed by Angel Hsu, Assistant Professor at UNC-Chapel Hill, we have a particular mission to help train data-minded scholars and leaders in the field of environmental policy. Our group is primarily comprised of student researchers at the undergraduate and graduate levels.