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Data Validation Volunteer

Net Zero Tracker

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As desired.

Net Zero Tracker Volunteer

The Net Zero Tracker aims to increase transparency and accountability of net zero targets pledged by nations, states and regions, cities and companies. We collect data on targets set and on many factors that indicate the integrity of those targets — essentially, how serious the entity setting the target is about meaningfully cutting its net emissions to zero.

The Net Zero Tracker was born of necessity. Net zero targets have proliferated massively over the last few years, especially in the wake of the 2018 IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C. But the accountability and transparency architecture has simply not been able to keep up, leading to the absence of a way to differentiate between targets that come with plans, accountability mechanisms and a serious commitment, and those consisting of mere rhetoric. We see ourselves, then, as an important foundational element — one among many — helping to build and ultimately strengthen that architecture, enabling interested parties from all walks of life to understand, evaluate and assess the state of play globally, regionally or sectorally.

The Tracker’s data is updated on a rolling basis by our volunteers, some of whom are in Oxford and some of whom are around the globe. Updating the data involves checking that the information we have in our database reflects the current targets of the relevant entities. This might involve a bit of research to see if there have been any updates in the time between the last time the entity was updated and now, as well as checking that the existing data is correct. In some instances, this usually involves some net zero sleuthing/googling/ecosia-ing.

Our wonderful volunteers update one entity when they have a moment. Usually, this is once a week but some volunteers help out a bit more infrequently. If you join us, every Tuesday you’ll be assigned an entity that needs to be updated. Each new draft will need to be approved by a fellow volunteer – so this is really a global team effort.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in being a volunteer, let us know if you would like to focus on any languages (e.g., perhaps you’re a French speaker) or any types of entities (e.g., African cities, Brazilian states, island countries or fashion companies? You tell us). Email us at updates@zerotracker.net to get involved, or explore our website.