This fall, Data Driven Yale welcomes several new team members with expertise ranging from programming to policy analysis to data science. Read more on their backgrounds and interests below:


Aadit is a second-year undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College, currently considering majoring in Computer Science or History. Prior to joining Data-Driven Yale, he wrote for public policy journals — focusing on European and South East Asian affairs — and was a freelance web developer. He is interested in data science and visualization, as well as computer graphics and UI design. He is currently working on developing an API to help make sense of sub-national actor commitments to counter climate change.



Allison Khoe is a second-year candidate for a Masters of Environmental Management at Yale. She received her bachelor’s degree at UC San Diego in Environmental Systems and was most recently working at SunPower on their supply chain sustainability team. Allison’s career interests focus around how businesses can be innovative leaders in preserving natural resources.



slide2Diego Manya is a Master’s of Environmental Management Candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is interested in the use and effect of data across the different stages of the environmental policy cycle, with particular emphasis in Performance Evaluations. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Engineering from the UNALM in Peru, and has worked in the private sector and on a UNDP-UNEP project in Peru.



slide1Isabelle Riu is a first year Masters of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She holds a Bachelors degree in International Affairs and Environmental Studies from the George Washington University and was most recently working for Sierra Club’s Environmental Law Program on the Beyond Coal campaign. She is interested in driving energy policy and solving environmental problems by using the power of data and metrics.



slide3Matt Moroney is a first year Masters of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He obtained a Bachelors of Environmental Science with a Chemistry minor at Western Washington University. Afterwards, he spent four years investigating contaminated sites and assisting permitting for new data centers. He studies the flow of materials in society and ways to replace them using green chemistry and systems thinking, as well as technologies that will alter the way we live and work.




Swarnima Sircar is a second year undergraduate student at Yale-NUS College looking to major in Mathematics, Computational, and Statistical Sciences. Both new to the field of data science and sceptical of the singular ability of markets to mitigate climate change, she hopes to conduct research that will spur action and contribute to the discourse of the role of cities and markets in climate change.



Willie Khoo is a senior at Yale-NUS College pursuing environmental studies and anthropology. He is interested in the potential of civil society to drive sociopolitical and environmental change and believes data can provide an important platform for engaging and empowering citizens.



slide7Yani Zeng is a candidate for a Masters of Environment Management in Yale-Tsinghua dual degree program. Yani’s professional and academic backgrounds spans the fields of engineering, finance and business and most recently interned at the Rock Mountain Institute where she was the lead researcher a Chinese building project of energy quota policy design, compliance and enforcement. She is highly interested in solving problems in energy & environmental sector using data and metrics approach leveraging business, engineering and policy perspectives.


slide4Zev Nicolai-Scanio is a programmer focusing on computer modeling, data science, and data visualization. He is interested in the connections between programming and the sciences, the intersection of coding and design, and the ways in which programming can be used as a tool to help inform policy decisions, particularly in the field of sustainable development. At Data Driven Yale, his work includes database design, construction, and management; API development; and dashboard and widget development.