The inaugural report of the 1 Gigaton Coalition, Narrowing the Emissions Gap: Contributions from renewable energy and energy efficiency activities, is now available. This study details the emissions saved after analysing nearly 6,000 renewable energy and energy efficiency activities in developing countries. They show the potential for further emissions reductions if programmes and initiatives are supported further to replicate successful projects more widely.

The report is based on the current level of activities in renewable energy and energy efficiency in the energy sector. However, after the COP21 negotiations, the level of green energy financing is likely to increase, and the 1.7 gigaton figure would be expected to grow in the future. This reduction would assist in closing the emissions gap, which the UNEP Emissions Gap Report 2014 estimated at 8–10 Gt CO2 equivalent by 2020.

Download the report here: 1-gigaton-coalition-report-narrowing-the-emissions-gap .