Season 2 of Energy Switch featuring DDL Director Angel Hsu is out now on PBS stations. 

Energy Switch brings together leading experts to have balanced, productive conversations about issues related to energy and the environment.

In episode 5, “The Environmental Impacts of Energy on Air Quality”, Dr. Hsu and air quality expert Dr. Amod Pokhrel, Ph.D., M.S., discuss the intersections of energy production, air pollution, and public health. Whereas carbon dioxide typically dominates conversations about energy emissions, this episode breaks down the role that traditional pollutants and particulate matter play in air quality, and what steps can be taken to reduce negative impacts. 

When asked what her biggest takeaways were from the discussion, Dr. Hsu said, “in talking about climate change and air quality co-benefits, I think we need to stop picking technology winners and start setting standards, and collecting data to then evaluate [if] are we actually meeting those standards to establish those goals for air pollution reduction. I think that would go a long way.”

To listen to the full conversation, or explore more episodes of Energy Switch, tune in online or check your local PBS station for airtimes.