“I think the media was quick to paint cop as a failure given the presence of the fossil fuel industry, but the expectations of the media are unrealistic given that every single country involved has to agree to the language” – Senam Adedze, UNC student

I got to attend a panel Dr. Hsu spoke on for which many congressional staffers were in attendance. Staffers asked pointed and insightful questions, wondering, for example, how to reconcile communication avenues and common ground despite some in attendance characterizing nuclear energy and carbon capture and storage as false solutions, some seeing these technologies as absolutely necessary, and some occupying a middle ground. Dr. Max Boykoff aptly referred to the necessity of “silver buckshot” as opposed to a silver bullet solution, but tensions regarding what exactly this silver buckshot will consist of did remain. This was the last full day of the conference I got to attend, and I left feeling overwhelmed, disappointed, hopeful, invigorated, exhausted, and many other conflicting emotions. I was incredibly grateful to attend, and yet at the same time it feels like the real work is just beginning.” – Hallie Turner, UNC student