Next-gen digital technologies for climate data interoperability


This project aims to create a more user-friendly, interoperable climate data ecosystem.


Partners: OpenEarth Foundation, Climate Action Data 2.0 Community

Funders: Carnegie Foundation


  • OpenClimate can be accessed here.
  • ClimActor can be accessed here.

DDL Contacts:

Angel Hsu, PhD, Zhi Yi Yeo

Climate data – emissions, targets, sectors – are fragmented across different data sources and platforms. DDL is currently working on several fronts to create a more interoperable climate data ecosystem, with efforts including co-convening the Climate Action Data 2.0 community, a network to bring together climate action data practitioners for collaboration, developing the ClimActor entity-matching R package to ensure accurate attribution of climate actions to climate actors, and collaborating with OpenEarth Foundation on OpenClimate – a platform that brings together fragmented climate data across different data sources. 


Objective: Our data interoperability work aims to further bring together climate data – from megabytes of CSR reports to gigabytes of sensor or satellite-derived data – and tie these datapoints to policy actions and climate mitigation efforts. The goal is to ultimately generate a new mode of data-driven accountability and more real-time stocktaking that isn’t currently possible with existing methods and out-dated climate data.